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    Dunk Tank Rental Cincinnati


    Cincinnati's #1 Dunk Tank Rentals

    A Cincinnati Dunk Tank Rental by The Fun Inflatable Co is the perfect choice for a school function.  Every child looks forward to dunking their favorite teacher or fellow student.  Our Cincinnati Dunk Tank Rental offers those students just that chance.  It is a little fun without harm.  While we do offer Dunk tank rental in Cincinnati, we also offer other amazing party rental solutions as well. We want to take your party to the next level with our Cincinnati Dunk Tank Rental as well as other amazing party rentals. 

    Dunk Tank Rental in Cincinnati

    We look for what people really want at their parties and carnivals and it shows with our amazing selection. We take our time to clean up each and every unit as well at the Cincinnati Dunk Tank Rental after each party.  This allows us to do a mini-inspection to ensure everything is working as it should.  Take a look around and we are certain that you will find the next best thing to add to your party's entertainment.  Our dunk tank rental in Cincinnati will arrive the day of your party before your guests. We will set everything up and will also show you how it all works so that you are ready to have an amazing time.  If you are going to fill the dunk tank with water, you will need to add a few hours, to ensure you have the time.  Any time there is water in the dunk tank we require you to have a spectator to ensure that person doesn't get harmed.  Water is nothing to mess around with but can certainly add a layer of fun to the entire process.  Safety is our number one concern with all of our party rentals. We want everyone to have a great time safely.  

    Dunk Tank Rental in Cincinnati

    Once your party or carnival is over, we will be back by to pick it all up.  We do ask that you drain it before our arrival to save us time.  This is a simple gesture but certainly is very much appreciated.  A Cincinnati Dunk Tank Rental can be so much fun.  We also offer other party rentals to combine it with. There is the photo booth rental, which is similar to those old photo booths that you would find at the carnivals only you can enhance your photos digitally.  We also offer bounce house rentals and water slide rentals that can be combined with your Cincinnati Dunk Tank Rental to create an entire carnival!  Inflatable carnivals are perfect for the community and school events. They work wonderfully for fundraisers and are perfect for those looking to have a good time.  If you are in charge of putting on the fundraiser or the party, we can help.  We literally party every day and are here to help you set your party up properly so that you won't have long lines or a lot of people standing around.  We want your party to be a success and will set up you for just that.  Contact us today to book your Dunk Tank Rental TODAY! 


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